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My Approach

My approach to wedding photography is strongly influenced by my own wedding photography experience.

For instance, whilst our photographs are a wonderful reminder of our special day, our photographer took quite a lot of our time. That means, I am acutely aware that my clients want to hug their family and party with their friends, and I understand that time is of the essence.

I pride myself on working extremely quickly, ensuring minimal impact on the precious time of my clients, which is so fleeting on their wedding day.

Always aiming to work in an unobtrusive photojournalistic way, capturing the day as it unfolds. I only ask for 30 minutes for your couple shoot together and just enough time to complete your family photographs. After that, the rest of the day is entirely yours to celebrate.

In other words, there's no dragging you off for lengthy photoshoots.

So, enjoy your wedding day, confident in my approach: Naturally Artistic, Timeless & Unobtrusive Photography. - Swansea wedding Photographer, Alex James.


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